Zac Fashion Photography and Models | London
  • About Zac

An internationally published fashion photographer based just outside one of the most glamorous cities in the world, London, Zac is a photographer who truly lives his Photography.

From getting a camera at the tender young age of 13 and doing his first professional assignment at 16. Zac has been shooting away internationally for over a decade.

He completed both BA and Post-Graduate Degree’s from the world-famous University of The Arts, London, specialising in Fashion, Photography, Media and Marketing. Zac has worked with many international publications, and hosted TV shows on FTV and The Style TV Channel.

‘I have been lucky to have shot some amazing work, and people in my time, but I think fashion has become too much about ‘labels’ so I avoid them. I am interested in creating stunning work. Striking, Surreal images that makes people and clothes look ‘beautiful’.

Zac’s philosophy is that not about having a huge studio, or the most expensive equipment, its about grabbing a camera, pointing it towards someone and being able to bring out the best in that person, instantly.

‘I do believe that beauty comes from within, but I help make those people look beautiful from outside too. After all everyone has the right to look and feel special’ Zac smiles.

‘We live in the world of web 2.0, blogging and Facebook, a world where everyone judges us on images. All I do is create images that look great and bring out the best in those I shoot, whether for a Couture Fashion Shoot or regular Model Shoot, I aim to create beautiful images, it’s simple’.