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The Portfolio (Headshots) What is a Model / Actor / Singer Portfolio?

A model’s ‘portfolio’ – or ‘book’ – is a collection of the model’s best, professionally produced photographs. Family and holiday snaps don’t count. Many Modelling agencies, even the top ones, give the impression that you just need a couple of regular pictures, but based on them they usually reject you. I know a few models that sent regular pictures to good agencies, were rejected, and then sent professional pictures some time later, and were called in for interviews. A good, professional picture has a good affect on everyone.

Even if the ‘best’ agency takes you on, you still need a portfolio; they will usually help you with it and ‘charge’ you. And its not cheap, agencies charge models for everything, they are not charities.

Your portfolio is your ‘calling card’ and ‘CV’, it is your showcase and the single-most important investment in your Modelling or Acting’ career. To begin with you start with well taken pictures and then add press-cuttings and new shoots as your career progresses. With a good portfolio, you can often start marketing yourself, straight away even without an agency. These days there are many competitions you can enter online, and a great portfolio is essential.

Success in these fields is a result of a solid investment and hard work, not luck. It is unrealistic to assume that you can have success and money from investing nothing at all. Can you become a lawyer without investing in education?
No! Then why should you expect to become a good ‘Model’ without investing in a good Portfolio and the basic training/experience that comes with compiling a good ‘Portfolio’.

A portfolio should consist of prints, and be on CD to email and place on the Web. Do you need a Portfolio? Well, a lot of scouting for work is done on the Internet these days so putting a basic set of printed pictures in your ‘book’ and on a CD so you can e-mail are essential.
Good Headshots increase your chances. Imagine a ‘booker’ or ‘scout’ (someone at modelling agencies who books out models and looks at new models), a Photographer, Art Director or AD Exec, who all look at 50 portfolios a day, when they see your beautiful, clear, well taken portfolio that displays your versatile ‘looks’ well and proves you have gained some basic experience, these people are more likely to be interested in you.

Rather than blending in and becoming an eyesore, a good set of pictures in a Portfolio works like a fantastic ‘Self–Marketing’ tool that helps ‘Sell’ you. I have shot hundreds of Portfolios in different countries, and treat each individual prospective ‘model/actor/singer’ as new and fresh.

It’s about rapport and connection and Zac often find its better to shoot a portfolio over different days to capture different moods/emotions/looks. It’s impossible to sometimes to produce a varied and exceptional Portfolio in one shoot.
A beginner’s Portfolio will be simple, but has to be effective. ‘Simple yet Strong’, that’s the key.

Zac always gives Portfolios in Hard Copy (Beautiful File and A4 / 10 x 8 Prints) as well as Digital CD to use on the Web and E-mail. Whether prints, CD or online, or Comp Cards – you want your portfolio to stand out. Avoid giving the impression that you tried to assemble your portfolio on the cheap or that you could not be bothered to make an effort. Fashion and Beauty are Industries BUILT on ‘Stunning and Effective’ Visual Presentation, Your Portfolio should prove you have what it takes to sell and represent the client or product effectively.

Bad, Bad, Bad Portfolios

By contrast, there are many ‘Portfolio Specialists’ who make a very good living by producing ‘factory-line’ portfolios that are total waste of money. They use the factory line approach to ‘Photography’, never assessing the model as an individual but rather as a prop. Because Digital cameras have made Photography accessible to everyone, many unprofessional, untalented so-called ‘Photographers’ who know nothing about the fashion, photography or modelling industries are getting on the bandwagon.

Many smaller, unknown agencies have contracts with these types of Photographers or integrate them into their own business. They will take a few shots of you in standard (and downright ridiculous) poses against a standard studio (Glary or Mottled) background and you will be in and out of there in no time flat.

Remember, Photography studios are ‘NOT’ agencies or visa-versa, photographers cannot represent models, because other photographers will never hire models from a photographer based agency.

The model then ends up with a selection of really bad quality pictures, and it will cost you about the same as the good professionals charge
You are charged extra if you want extra sets, and are usually charged £50 – £100 PER PICTURE!
These portfolios are totally useless! It’s not ‘technically’ a scam, but does nothing to help the model’s career, if anything can have negative affects.

Zac loves talking to his clients to discuss their requirements in-depth, all good Photographers should do the same; they should also have in-depth knowledge of make-up and composition, as well as the fashion and beauty industries.

The Zac Portfolio

Whether you are coming to my studio because you want a Portfolio to become a model, go into acting or singing, and want headshots or because you want really spectacular pictures of yourself to treasure. Zac applies the same basic principles to every shoot. He has shot Covers, Catalogues, AD Campaigns, Catwalks, Worked on TV and so on.

Zac is aware of what people in the industry look for when hiring. He hates production line work; and believes individuals should be photographed to express their individual beauty, sexiness, style and personality.

Zac believes in quality and integrity when it comes to any type of photography. A picture should bring out the best in a model, highlight their good features and hide the negative. Also, every Zac portfolio is fully retouched. It’s extremely important. Every single image published today is retouched, so Portfolios should be too, they should be simple and alluring. They are pictures that will get you noticed by people in the industry.
Zac always tries and shoot a selection of different poses and lighting, and wants the model to look amazing and feel that way too. Each person is special and individual and Zac want to bring that out for the entire World to see.

When you sit down with ‘ZaC’ to discuss, you realise, he is someone who has so much experience working with so many different people that his life is devoted to capturing beautiful images, he is able to relax the model and bring out the best in them.

‘True beauty comes from within each person’ says Zac, ‘I merely immortalise that beauty’

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